June 18, 2024
Welcome to your HIPAA Quiz

You should have a patient write down the reason for their visit on a public sign in sheet.

Which of the following can be considered a privacy violation?

One of the first things your office should do when implementing the Privacy Rule is:

The main responsibilities of the privacy official are:

Protecting patient privacy in your office is the responsibility of:

PHI stand for:

PHI refers to:

Where in your office might you find PHI?

The Notice of Privacy Practices (NPP) is a legal document that outlines:

Where are you required to post the NPP?

Your office is required to document your efforts to obtain patient signatures:

Business associate agreements are designed to:

A patient's request to amend should be obtained in writing and documented.

When an employee commits repeated privacy breaches the employee may be subjected to disciplinary actions by the practice.

A case worker at an agency is approached by a doctor who requests the patient history of an individual.  The doctor thinks the history information might help diagnose the patient's current condition.  Under which category does this disclosure fall?

A child has been brought in by a parent.  The child has a broken arm and several bruises.  The assistant suspects that the child may be a victim of abuse.  What should the assistant do in this situation?

Someone from the billing department calls inquiring about services provided to a patient.  What information should be provided.

As long as you are authorized to view information, you can do so whenever you want to, for any reason.

When discussing PHI with a patient or parent, you should:

An office has a business associate contract with an outside vendor.  In the past, the vendor has used PHI inappropriately.  The office took reasonable steps to correct the misuse, but the vendor continues to use the PHI inappropriately.  What should the office do?

A parent of a non-minor child calls and requests records.  It is ok to release them without authorization because it is to the parent.

A patient finds out some information regarding the use of his PHI and feels that his privacy rights have been violated.  The patient can file a complaint with the department of health and human services and bypass the office altogether.

It is ok to share computer passwords with co-workers.

Patients have the right to inspect and copy their medical record if:

As an employee in the clinic you have the right to review the following patient records without completing a valid authorization form:

I have received and reviewed a copy of Ocean Dental's health information privacy policies and procedures.

I have also received the additional HIPAA power point training.