Corporate Compliance Quiz

July 25, 2024
Welcome to your Corporate Compliance Quiz

The Corporate Compliance Program:

The company provides employees with access to all the necessary information, resources, and counsel to prevent violations of the law or company regulations.

As an Ocean Dental employee, you are expected to:

You have heard from co-workers that you could be fired, suspended, or demoted if you report a possible wrongdoing or violation (in good faith) to your Office Manager, Corporate Compliance Department, or a government agency.  Is this:

You report a concern to your Office Manager.  When you follow up because you are still concerned, you are told that everything is fine, to "keep quiet" and stop looking for problems.  You:

You are entering a patient's charges for the day and you notice that the tooth number and code you billed is wrong.  It is the end of the day and you are already late leaving.  You:

Which of the following is NOT a Corporate Compliance violation:

Persons can make reports of suspected misconduct to the Compliance Officer:

Any person receiving a legal document concerning the Corporation, including a subpoena, search warrant or notice of an investigation concerning the Corporation, should notify the Compliance Officer immediately.

During a governmental investigation every employee has the right to:

If served with a written auditor's request for records you should immediately provide records or items in response to the request:

If served with a subpoena by a governmental agency to produce records or documents you should:

If an employee of the Corporation is served with a search warrant the Government Agency may NOT:

If asked, any employee may provide information regarding a government investigation to the news media or a reporter.